Hello world, welcome to my blog! I am Eva and I was thinking about starting my own blog for a while. I want to use this blog to share my passion for food, outdoor activities and travel. I am not yet sure where this project is heading to…I guess it will take me some months to find out.

Together with my lovely boyfriend I live in the city of Mannheim (in the center of Germany). Often this region of Germany is heavily underestimated in terms of life quality and lifestyle. However, I belief that Mannheim as well as the area around offers endless options for great experiences in the urban and rural space. Therefore, one part of the blog is dedicated to share some of our favorite places to eat, to hike or just to have fun.

But that’s not all…I really love to cook: just as numerous other blogs inspired me in my cooking, I want to share my ideas to hopefully inspire others as well. My cooking is influenced by various cultures as my boyfriend has turkish roots, and I personally spent a year in Italy, a half year in Brazil as well as in the U.S. . I really feel multi-cultural and this is the guiding theme of my kitchen acrobatics ^^ I further think it is very important to think about the quality of the food we eat. Therefore, high quality ingredients are very important to me…this means that I try to use as much locally produced ingredients as possible (summer time = happy time). I support the  slow food initiative and think changing the way we eat and cook can really have impact (http://www.slowfood.com). This being said: we are not vegetarians but we limit our meat consumption to max. once a week. This way we can afford to buy high quality meat from local farmers that follow the slow food philosophy.

Well, what else to say…. my boyfriend loves good wine so hopefully I will have a chance to share some of his insights as well.

All photos used on this blog have been taken by me or my boyfriend, unless states otherwise. Feel free to use our photos, but make sure that you redirect them to ourcennet.wordpress.com



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